Starbucks and Over-roasting

Originally posted March 14th, 2007 by Tim Adamec

As we get ready to record and launch the first Podcast, I’m noticing food-related articles around the Web more often. The Economist recently ran an article about Pepsi and Starbucks trying to revitalize their brands. This response highlights my biggest problems with Starbucks:

In Starbucks’ case, it’s not the ambiance that puts off consumers, it’s the coffee. If only they roasted it a bit less. My colleagues agree that if they had another option they wouldn’t buy Starbucks but, since there is a Starbucks on nearly every block around our office in the District, our options are limited.

I’ve had several questions from people I know asking why Starbucks torches their coffee, and the answer is “Consistency”. Starbucks wants a consistent cup of coffee, just like McDonalds wants the Big Mac to taste the same wherever you go, so they over-roast it to remove any minor flavor variations in the beans. I prefer Seattle’s Best Coffee over Starbucks, as they roast for flavor rather than consistency.

With Starbucks locations on every block, as the commenter points out, it’s a bit difficult not to grab a cup from them. Even though the coffee has some problems, it’s still better than Foldgers.

Welcome to Food Geeking

Welcome to the new Food Geeking website! There is much work to be done- old content and commengts need to be imported from the old site and new content needs to be added.

I’m now transferring the old recipe files and the pages, which should be published in within the next few days. I’ve also captured the audio files which I will upload/link to as I continue to set up shop.

Over the next few weeks, the original site will likely disappear as the server is being decommissioned. Following that, I will route this page to the url.