Originally posted June 11th, 2007 by Kris

The basic recipe for guacamole as featured on Speaking of Beer, Show #31.


Quantity Ingredient
2-3 avocados
2-4 cloves Garlic, minced
½ onion, chopped
1 medium tomato, seeded and chopped
1 Tbsp lime juice, or juice from ½ a lime
2 Tbsp olive oil
1/3 hot pepper of your choice, very finely chopped- optional
salt and pepper to taste


This is very much a free form recipe and quantities can be adjusted to fit your palette. If you like garlic- add more, don’t like onion- add less or don’t include it.

Prepare and chop all ingredients, leaving the avocado for last.
For the avocado, I prefer mine in good-sized cubes, with perhaps a third of the avocado mashed and the remainder left whole. If your taste runs toward a smoother guacamole, mash most, or all the avocado.

Place avocado in a bowl and mash to the degree desired. Add the lime juice and olive oil next, and mix gently. They will slow the oxidation process that turns the avocado brown. Next add garlic, onion and tomato. For the hot peppers, jalapeño and/or serrano peppers work well. To remove some of heat while retaining the flavor, cut the pepper into strips, and holding the pepper flat to your cutting surface trim the inner membrane of the pepper out. If you like the extra heat, leave it in place. Add the hot pepper by halves, mixing gently and tasting the result before adding more. It’s easy to add extra pepper, but nearly impossible remove when overdone. Finally, add salt and pepper to taste. The flavors will meld and combine if the guacamole is allowed to set for a while. I should be covered with plastic wrap, such that the entire surface is touching the plastic and as few air bubbles are present as possible, this will reduce browning. It may be stored overnight under refrigeration, when wrapped as above. Any browning can be removed by carefully scrapping with a spoon.

Tips & Tricks

Make certain to wash your hand thoroughly after working with hot peppers. The oils often do not come off with a single washing. Denatured alcohol or rubbing alcohol will removed hot pepper oils very effectively.


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