Food Geeking #4: Late to the Cook Out

Originally posted October 19th, 2007 by Kris

As will be abundantly obvious, this was recorded during the Phoenician “summer” while temperatures were stifling and air conditioning was not optional. Consider this episode an ultimate lure to take the grill out and recapture the final taste of summer before fall and winter take a firm grip… even if you need to wear your mittens.

  • Summer foods
    • Seafood, fish and vegetables
    • Sweet corn and other seasonal foods
    • To grill or boil: salt or sugar?
  • Other veggies
  • Summer fruits
  • Paul Maki visits Grand Old Day
  • Festival and Fair Foods
    • Funnel Cakes
    • Turkey Legs
    • Foods on Sticks
      • Caramel and candied Apples
      • Campfire foods
        • cooking methods
        • S’mores

      Speaking of Beer

      Visit Paul Maki’s most recent project at Buffy: Between the Lines

      Funnel Cakes, provided by Kris
      Candied Apples provided by Kris
      Caramel Apples provided by Kris


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